Located at the fringe of the badlands of India in Rajasthan, Lakshman Sagar is an inimitable heritage property. Originally built in the 19th century by the Thankur of Raipur, Lakshman Singh ji, it served as a hunting lodge for the Royal family. The property preserves the traditional design elements of a hunting lodge with renovated, eco-friendly interiors.

The unique selling point of this lodge are the truly immersive and bright color palate and striking design facets. Here are three standout design features of this lodge.

1. Zanana and Mardana

The first eye-catching buildings of this resort are the Zanana (women) quarters and the Mardana (men), quarters that were historically made for the aforementioned genders. Rajashtani cultural nuances such as mehfil, baithak and pardah are present across these quarters. They have now been converted into private dining rooms and common areas speckled with gorgeous purple and pink architectural hues.

2. Cottages

At first glance, the cottages appear to be traditional mud huts found in Rajasthani villages, but the story is very different on the inside. The interior designers Sahil Bagga and Sarthak Sengupta wanted to maintain Rajasthani traditions with a luxurious touch. Every cottage has a private splash pool that overlooks the spell-bounding lake. The interiors of each cottage take the local influences into account, while maintaining the atmosphere of a hunting lodge. The color scheme is bold, bright and beautiful.

3. Zero Kilometre Sourcing

As much as possible, every piece and raw material in Lakshman Sagar has been sourced through the Zero Kilometre policy. The materials have been found within an extremely short radius around the property, from the nearby villagers and locals. This includes wind chime installations, rolling pins, butter churners, brass vessels, colorful fabric and more. Even raw materials for the cottages such as wood, mud and stone were locally sources.

In conclusion, Lakshman Sagar wishes to recreate a “slow” living concept of the olden times, and they perfectly achieve this through their breath-taking design and interiors.

4. Outdoor Swimming Pool

Lakshman Sagar hosts a gorgeous outdoor swimming pool that melts into its surroundings and almost looks like an extension of nature itself. The rock-cut pool is strategically situated next to the lake, as guests can enjoy the beautiful views while relaxing by the water. It enhances the beautiful, rustic vibe that encapsulates the whole property.

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