Paatlidun Safari Lodge, Corbett

Paatlidun, located within the heart of Corbett National Park, is a luxury wildlife resort, boasting local Kumaon culture and a completely serene experience. Paatlidun is literally translated into “narrow valley” from Sanskrit. In order to reach this haven of luxury, one would need to traverse through a 45 degree incline, past a small stream and claw their way up a mountain in a special safari jeep.

The Safari Lodge has embraced the local flavour of Kumaon traditions, and has recreated these native treasures through the décor. Materials used include Kumaoni woodwork, stone masonry, trademark black slate roof tiles and more. The flooring is created with red-oxide cement that is prepared by a local technique. The cottages are also influenced by this culture in the form of private courtyards, and a verandah that houses the revered Tulsi tree. Each area of the lodge is named after elements of the Kumaoni culture and the local surroundings.

The lodge offers employment to the locals so that they do not have to leave their families behind and venture out into the city. In fact, the local craftsmen have also aided in crafting a traditional ethnic building that hosts a museum of house antiques. Paatlidun has its very own tea shop that is run by the locals.

Paatlidun aims to give guests the experience of being in the wild, zoned out from the world, within a luxury accommodation set-up. It is a true retreat for nature lovers who wish to relax, unwind and be one with themselves within the Corbett National Park.


There are a total of eighteen luxurious cottages and each provides an unparalleled level of infrastructure and hospitality.

The Luxury Cottage is 1750 sq.ft, Premium Luxury Cottage is 2,200 sq. ft and Bush Cottages are 800 sq. ft.  All three cottages are designed to make guests feel as though they are resting in comfort, within the wild. The cottages are beautifully designed to awaken their senses. Classy yet elegant furniture is placed within the cottages topped up with luxurious silks.

The lodge is peppered with Kumaoni furniture, handicrafts and showpieces to add a sense of authenticity and preserve their splendid culture. Aipan paintings on the glass partitions and beautiful, traditional, Garhwali carvings on the entrance doors are unique features of the cottages.

The bathrooms are incredibly spacious and lavish.  Guests can soak in a vintage, claw-footed in an incredibly special bathtub and enjoy an uninterrupted view of the jungle, or call for an Ayurveda spa treatment in the comfort of their cottage.

Every room has large French windows so that guests can immerse themselves within the outdoors. There is also a large veranda with a private pool, secured by a weathered can fence for the optimal amount of privacy. Guests can enjoy the star-studded sky at night.

The thoughtfully inserted Butler Window allows guests to relax in their room without getting up as meals are delivered straight to your room. This is ideal for honeymooners.


The food prepared in the Paatlidun kitchen keeps in mind the flavours of Kumaon culture along with other modest, yet tasty, preparations. As much as possible, all the dishes are prepared using Organic fruits and vegetables that are grown in the resort’s local garden.

Paatlidun also has it’s own traditional tea-shop for Cha-Paani and snacks prepared in the traditional Kumaoni way. There is also a tranquil bonfire setting where guests can enjoy their tea or dinner as the preparations are brought to them.

‘Must do’ activities

Guests can go on a safari within the Corbett National Park. The Naturalists at the lodge help guests with safari bookings and excursions. The safaris are ideal for birders and tuskers as there are several bird species within the jungle and a number of elephants roaming about. They can also indulge in a scenic lunch by the river Kosi. This activity is ideal for families who want to have a packed lunch with a difference and in a peaceful surrounding.

One can also embark on a nature walk around the resort and into the jungle. The naturalists on site will guide guests through a three-hour hike within the thick jungle. They can also visit the organic garden and explore the resort that is surrounded by luscious wild plants, trees, herbs and occasional exotic birds. There are several birds that visit the resort every day as well. Those who want to learn more about the Kumaon culture, can visit the in-house museum.