Snow Leopard Adventures, Shivpuri

A company for thrill and adventure seekers, Snow Leopard Adventures is the first ISO: 9000 certified company of its kind.  The company is the leader in the adventure travel sector and has several accolades under their belt. The enterprise was started by Ajeet Bajaj, a man who has a lead a life of adventure himself. He is the sole Indian to have completed the Polar Trilogy and he has dipped his toes into a myriad of adventure sports over the past 25 years. Nearly two decades ago, adventure travel wasn’t as prevalent in India as it is now. Ajeet Bajaj wanted to propagate the trend by giving ‘adventure travel’ a new definition. As such, the establishment was opened in 1990 and is still going strong.

The name is also inspired by a fascinating story. While Ajeet Bajaj was trekking in the Himalayas, he managed to catch a glimpse of the Snow Leopard, a rare sight. It was that feeling of elation of witnessing something so unique that prompted him to name the company “Snow Leopard Adventures” – a company that provides experiences that are unique and extraordinary.

The Snow Leopard Experience is an amalgamation of 4 ‘S’ elements, namely Safety, Skilled Team, Sustainability and Service. They have self-imposed environmental regulations including avoiding generator usage and waste disposal.  They also offer a range of adventurous activities and camps, completely within safety limits. These include river rafting on the Ganga River, trekking and jeep safaris in the Himalayas, sea kayaking tours in Kerala and much more. Their adrenaline inducing experimental camps are located in Rishikesh, Haridwar and Rajalji National Park.

The company supports a school for girls named “Divya Prem Sewa Mission” incorporating the Sustainability element of the vision.


Camp Panther, set on 5 acres of terraced fields in Shivpuri village in the foothills of the Himalayas, is surrounded by thick sal forest. It consists of 8 air-conditioned huts and 37 tented units. It truly emulates luxury in the wild. This is open throughout the year. The camp includes a homely campfire area and sitting areas for games and brainstorming sessions.

Leopard Heights is in season between October and April. It is set atop a hill that overlooked the river Ganges, across the river from Shivpuri Village near Rishikesh. Campers can stay in large tents that have all the necessary utilities. Accessing the camp is an adventure too, as guests would either have to zip line to the camp or row across the river and then hike up.

Tusker camp, which is in season between November and April is located around Rajaji National Park. The guests are housed in cosy safari tents.

The Himalayan Bear Stream Camp is located at the foothills of the Himalayas. The scenery around the camp is breath-taking with hills towering on all sides and a stream flowing through it. The season is from September to May.

Blue Bull camp is an adventure hub in Orchha, Madhya Pradesh set along with Betwa River. The camp is for true adventure seekers who also want to get a taste of the local heritage. The season is from October to April.

‘Must do’ activities

The company offers several adrenaline pumping zip lining activities above the river Ganges at Rishikiesh, including two sensational zip lines around 400 m above sea level that catapults guests across the river giving them astounding, scenic views. Guests can also dabble in river rafting adventures along the river Ganges and tributary rivers that are sure to shake anyone’s, adventurous heart. Rappelling and rock climbing activities along artificial walls, are also conducted.

They also provide Trekking and mountaineering along the beautiful Himalayan mountain ranges with expert guides and wildlife safaris to spot the most coveted animals of the region. The safaris are conducted on elephant backs, horses, on jeeps, on boats or on foot with trained naturalists. Their picturesque bicycle tours around the Himalayas provide a deep understanding and culture into the flora and fauna of the region.


Nearest Airport : Dehradun – 35 Km
Nearest Raiway Station : Haridwar – 45 Km