Villa Serenity, Delhi

Located in a prime location in South Delhi, the Chhattarpur Farms, the Villa Serenity blends both modern and indigenous décor effortlessly. The property is the first of Singinawa Luxury Residences in the city, providing hospitality in the true Singinawa style.

The interior of the villa is curated with indigenous art, while the exterior is riddled with lush green gardens. They pay extra attention to art as they have a close association with Must Art Gallery in Delhi.

The hotel is surrounded by beautiful surroundings, and has stunning and unique common sitting areas. The upscale location along with numerous amenities ensure that the villa is suitable for both corporate and leisure travellers. Guests who wish to retreat within the hustle and bustle of city life will thoroughly enjoy their stay.


Villa Serenity hosts five luxury bedrooms with luxurious, indigenous interiors and lush green gardens for the exteriors.

The hotel has all the necessary modern amenities required for an extravagant stay, including a health club, swimming pool and food & beverage on call. The bedrooms are incredibly spacious, boasting eclectic interiors, state-of-the art kitchens, attached baths and premium dining facets.


The villa is easily accessible from central Delhi, Gurgaon and the Delhi International Airport.

‘Must do’ activities

Within the villa, guests can dissolve themselves into the tranquil atmosphere in the midst of city life. Art-lovers can appreciate the ethnic art pieces strewn across the Villa. They can make use of the swimming pool and health club facilities.

Being closely associated with the Must Art gallery in Delhi, guests can visit the gallery run by Ms. Tulika Kedia of Singinawa Conservation Foundation. The gallery exhibits gorgeous ethnic Indian visual art. As such, guests can relish the art both at the villa and also curated experiences at the gallery resulting in a wholesome cultural stay.

Being easily accessible, guests can also enjoy the various sites and shopping of New-Delhi and Gurgaon.