The Paatlidun Safari lodge is one of our premiere luxury properties nestled within the quiet Jim Corbett National Park – home to the Indian Tiger and a hoard of beautiful bird species. The resort is located in the middle of the jungle and one needs to climb onto a 45 degree incline inside a jeep to reach their destination.

Paatlidun is unique as the lodge infuses the  local tribe’s, Kumaoni, traditions into the architecture and cuisine. There are several elements in this rich and beautiful culture and the lodge has even employed locals to add a touch of authenticity and partake in enhancing their lives. The locals often relocate to the city for employment, but thanks to Paatlidun, they are able to make a living near their own villages.

These are three of the standout elements in the lodge:


Traditional Kumaoni architectural facets have been added to the lodge to give a feel of the culture. The lodge has employed locals to construct the cottages with them and guide them when necessary. Ethnic Kumaoni motifs such as woodwork, stone masonry, private courtyards, a verandah with a tulsi tree and black slate tiles on the roof have been utilized. The red oxide cement flooring has been created using a unique local technique with raw eggs. The interiors are decorated with Kumaoni pieces from Aipan paintings to Garhwali cravings on the doors.  The cottages are named after months of the Hindu lunar calendar and the estate is divided into sections named after the local rivers. One can truly embrace this beautiful culture in a luxurious, verdant setting at the lodge.

The locals have also played a role in installing a museum that houses antique pieces from around the Corbett National Park and pieces from the Kumaoni village. The gorgeous building would not have been constructed if not for the inputs from the locals and the knowledge of their craft.

Tea Stall

This traditional Kumaoni tea stall run by locals is situated in the middle of the lush greenery of the property, overlooking the beautiful mountain ranges at the park. It is a perfect place for guests to relax after a day of activities, sipping on sweet tea while taking in the peaceful, fresh air. The tea is accompanied by traditionally prepared local snacks.


Guests at Paatlidun can indulge in mouth-watering Kumaoni cuisine prepared with local, organic ingredients. The preparations range from humble to elaborate – each dish prepared with care and is suitable for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. These are not your typical Indian dishes as they are prepared with special spices and herbs, exclusive to the Kumaonis.

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