Inspirations is Window To Luxury’s flagship annual event.

Around 30 leading boutique properties meet up to 200 tour operators selling India.

Each event is geared towards informative conversation with the pure aim of raising awareness of hidden gems, identifying new itineraries and discussing how to boost business for the following year.

Giving these B2B meetings some cultural background there was an incredible panel discussion on climate change and species extinction – what role tourism can play in conservation. Rachel Dwyer, Professor of Indian Cultures and Cinema at SOAS, University of London, led the discussion, asking the panellists to explain their work briefly and what they thought the tourism industry could do to help.

Duncan McNair, CEO of Save The Asian Elephant spoke measurably about the brutality metered out on elephants for use in captivity, tourism and religious festivals and called for an agreement on ethical behaviour from both consumers in the West and those involved in India and elsewhere.

Ian Redmond OBE used his 40 years of research and conservation work to implore the audience to travel more responsibly by offsetting their carbon on flights by adding a levy to their packages. Ian also highlighted the success of his work with gorillas to protect their environment and safety by limiting the number of tours, the distance from and interaction with them and the benefits to local communities with such programmes.

Dr Raghu Chundawat completed the line up as an expert on snow leopards and tigers and gave numerous examples of the successes in India to do with animal welfare and conservation which are more often than not omitted from news stories, both nationally and internationally.


London - 27th June
Zurich - 1st July
Nice - 2nd July


Key Tourism stakeholders from the Indian Sub Continent in the accommodation sector:

  • Boutique luxury hotels, lodges, camps
  • Heritage properties
  • Exclusive promotional products
  • Eco /Sustainable concepts
  • Experiential tourism and other social responsibility outfits
  • Tour operators and travel agents selling or interested in India
  • Media looking for new story angles and opportunities to visit India on press trips
  • Basically, anyone looking to expand their exposure, contracts and sales from the UK from key decision makers and other movers and shakers in the UK tourism sector.