Anantya, Kanyakumari

Anantya is a boutique luxury resort and spa that has a unique focus on minimalism, eco-friendliness and the trueness of material. Literally translating into “Infinite”, Anantya is located in the beautiful land of Travancore (now Kerala) at the famed Kanyakumari district. The land has an interesting history as it was once owned by the Kings of Travancore and was called the Vaikundum Estate. Anantya occupies a small part of this estate. Vaikundum translates into “the divine abode” and houses working rubber plantations. The ownership was passed over several times but the plantations remain active, even to this day.

The resort is located in a tranquil, scenic setting by the edge of a lake with mountains in the background and amidst a thousand acres of a rubber plantations. Guests can thoroughly enjoy the seclusion that Anantya provides as there are no other resorts in the vicinity. Time truly stands still at this peaceful boutique resort. The location is ideal for guests who wish to explore both Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

The design of Anantya has been inspired by the minimalist ideals of Laurie Baker and Geoffrey Bawa. It has been crafted keeping in mind the environment, by using materials and techniques that leave a minimal eco footprint. They have used reconditioned tiles and stone pillars, rubble and brick that is locally sourced, sewage and water saving treatment, contour constructions and several other techniques for minimal impact.

The resort is surely an eco-friendly haven where guests can dabble in greenery and shades of blue with excellent panoramic views that will rejuvenate them.

Postal Address
State Highway 45, Kaliel Village,
Chittar Lake, Kanyakumari District
Alancholai, Tamil Nadu 629103
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Akin to a bubbling household, every single spot in Svatma has a unique atmosphere and there are no standard rooms.  This is partly a 100 year old heritage hotel that has been tenderly restored to its original beauty, and partly a new building that has been crafted into a similar style.  The 38 rooms are comfortably sized and inspired by Tamilian architecture and materials. 7 of the luxurious suites with verandas are located in the heritage hotel, the rest of the rooms are part of the new building.

The spots in the hotel are unique, ranging from verandas, hallways and lounges to secluded areas for those who wish to retreat. The décor augments the traditional environment, comprising of polished floor boards, walls in creamy hues, wooden pillars and more. The guests can completely immerse themselves in Tamil culture, finding art and culture at unexpected locations in the hotel.


Both local and continental delicacies are available at the resort at the Svaad Restaurant with both lakeside and private dining options. There is also a bar for guests who wish to unwind, called Soma Bar. Guests who are taking an ayurvedic or Yoga package can opt for a traditional Sattvic cuisine. The Sattvic diet leads to a clearer mind and has several benefits for the body.

Guests can opt for terrific Astitva Ayurveda treatments. Astitva translates into ‘existence’ and stands for the complete attainment of god himself and the truth. Anantya has teamed up with Pankajakasthuri Group to provide authentic ayurvedic spa services. The group even has a college under their name, passing on the knowledge of Ayurveda through many generations. They provide bespoke treatments in rooms that overlook the beautiful lake.


There are a lot of activities for guests both within and outside the resort. Anantya’s location allows guests to explore both Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Within and around the resort, there are several unique activities such as bird watching, yoga and meditation, treks that start from the resort, cultural dance performances, traditional games, flat rock barbeque, nature camping experiences close to the resort, rubber tapping walk, night sky walk, outdoor sports, elephant interactions and a nearby cycling tracks.

Outside the resort there are several sites one can visit and enjoy such as the Meenakshi Orchards, Vattapara Tribal Resettlement, famous beaches, tropical rivers, the backwaters, temples, festivals and more. Guests who are looking to relish a beautiful site can travel to the edge of the Indian subcontinent where three seas merge, offering great during sunrise and sunset.


  • By Air – 90 Mins from Trivandrum AirportBy Air to Madurai followed by a Journey of 267 Kms.By Rail – Nagercoil Railway Station is 45 Kms.


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