Brijrama Palace, Varanasi

Located on the Holy River Ganga, in one of the most revered cities in India – Varanasi – Lies Brijrama Palace, one of the oldest landmarks in the city. Perched on the Darbanga Ghaat, the foundation of the palace dates back to 1812, built by Shridhara Narayana Munshi – the minister for the estate of Nagpur. It was ultimately acquired by royalty – the Brahmin King of Darbhanga (Bihar).

The palace architecture is heavily influenced by the Marathi dynasty, imbibing a regal, yet cultural, feel. The sandstone walls, pillars and betel leaf runner along the roof corners of the walls accentuate the Marathi signature style of the time. It hosts a splendid historical elevator that was built in 1918 to transport the king to the second floor of the Palace.

Guests at Brijrama are made to feel akin to royalty. The experience starts at Bhisasur Ghat where guests can board a Bajra – traditional wooden boat to be escorted to the hotel. Several artistic masterpieces from the 18th century are adorned across the palace walls and pillars. The heart of this beautiful Palace lies in its history, spectacular musical mornings, evening view of the Ganges and the Ghats, exquisite culinary experiences and gorgeous architecture.

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The property hosts 32 hotel rooms, each unique in its own right. Every room is adorned with a Banarasi aesthetic accompanied by awe-inspiring hand-painted pure gold and silver art on the ceilings. Every room includes traditional lamps, splendid paintings, silk furnishings and luxurious bath amenities. Superior rooms offer a Clawfoot Bathtub with a spectacular view of the Ganges for guests to relax.

Maharaja Suites are extremely spacious and come with an extensive view of the Ganges. It is complete with king-sized four-poster beds, coffee table seating, and a marvelous dining space. There are three suites to choose from – Mandakini, Bhagirathi, and Dhruvnanda – named after the tributaries of the Ganges.

The Varuna Burh Room, also known as ‘The Bastion,’ is a semi-circular room which is an extension of the palace wall. Guests can enjoy a spectacular 180-degree view of the crescent at Varanasi and experience the Ganges completely.

The other rooms are divided into three categories.

Vasundhara is the ‘Earth’ category which offers views of the city and river. These rooms can be accessed through private corridors.

Dhanurdhara or ‘Wielder of the bow’ is a reference to Lord Shiva – they offer double and twin bed options. The rooms along the terrace provide fantastic views of the Ganges.

Nadidhara or ‘River Guardian’ named after Lord Shiva as a protector of Ganga, offers beautiful views of the city and open to the gorgeous corridors of the palace along the courtyard.


Brijrama palace is heaven for food lovers. The eclectic mix of dining styles serves up a culinary haven for guests.

Chota Angan offers a Maharaja (Royal) style gastronomical experience – the ambiance is entirely regal and includes low seating dining akin to the Royals back in the day. Guests can enjoy authentic traditional and street food.

Darbhanga offers impressive vegetarian delicacies with recipes and ingredients that have sprouted from the Vedas.

The Kamalya Café is located on the open terrace of the palace, with the view of the Ganges in the background.  Guests can indulge in a hi-tea experience with specially prepared snacks.

River Boat Dining is in the midst of the Ganges; guests can enjoy panoramic views of the Ghats.

There are also private dining experiences available upon request.


25  km from Varanasi Airport

3.4 km from Varanasi Railway Station


Varanasi is considered to be one of the oldest cities in the world and as it is placed right on the banks of the River Ganges. Thousands of pilgrims come to Varanasi every year. Guests at Brijrama can soak up the brilliant spiritual traditions of the city, from beautiful alleys to a gorgeous sunrise.

Guests can visit the Ghats (stairway to the holy river Ganges) around Varanasi. Dashashwamedh Ghat is where a Ganaga Aarti (ritual offering) takes place every evening; other significant Ghats are Panch Ganges ghat, Manikarnika ghat, Lalita ghat and more.

Within the palace, guests can enjoy views of the Ganges from the Udayan roof-top or Kamalya Terrace on the second floor. The Bada-Angaan is the central atrium that hosts magical musical performances. There are also a variety of religious ceremonies that take place in the palace, keeping in mind the traditions of the city, in which guests can partake.

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