Fort Barli, Rajasthan

This majestic for has seen many legendary Rajput warriors in its more than 340 year history. The current owner’s great grandfather, Darbar Sahib Lal Singh ji, played a key role in the battle with Maratha’s. The concept behind Barli was to restore the royal heritage grandeur and recreate the majestic past of the legendary Rajputana, where guests can experience and engage themselves with the rich history and the legacy of this magnificent palace property. Each room has been carefully prepared to maximize the experience of living in a fort.

Postal Address
Village Barli, Near Bijainagar
District Ajmer, Pin Code 305634
Rajasthan, INDIA
+91-141-236 0717
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Super Deluxe Room
Tastefully designed and elegantly appointed rooms with high levels of comfort and personalized service. An intimate reflection of Rajasthan’s ethnic culture. The bedrooms are large, with adjoining dressing areas and snugs for reading, writing or eating.

Royal Suite Room
As the name suggests this suite is fit for a king and queen. Grand interiors contain luxurious amenities along with stunning views of the countryside. There is a day room to relax and read in or play games as well as dining areas and a large sun terrace for entertaining.


Signature dishes can be served on a silver platter to offer a royal dining experience. The meals include a wide array of dishes inspired by the royal recipes of Barli.

Learn more about the flavours and delicacies of the kitchen by taking part in an interactive cooking demonstration to prepare scrumptious dishes cooking a vegetarian dish, a non-vegetarian dish and a dessert.


Culinary diet plans with organic food will help to restore mind and body, whilst Ayurvedic treatments with oils, balms an pressure techniques will relax, re-energise and rejuvenate guests staying for more than 2 days. There are also daily yoga classes and an Astrologer on request.


Nearest Airport

Kishangarh Airport  (95km)

Jaipur Airport (188km)

Bijainagar Railway Station (8km)


Distance from Major Cities

Udaipur 219km

Delhi 449km

Jaipur 182km


Fort Barli Tour
Start your stay with a tour of Fort Barli to hear enchanting untold stories about its rich cultural heritage, purpose and palatial architecture. Learn about both Mardana (Male) and Zenana (Female) areas under the old tradition of ‘Purdah Culture’, armoury collection, treasury, assembly halls, and much more.

Bullock Cart Safari
Explore the local village of Barli with its colourful markets, cenotaphs with colourful fresco paintings depicting mythology, visit potters, cobblers and village schools, rural houses and stepped wells. The safari also includes a visit to a temple with fine mirror works.

Dress like a Royal
Live like a Maharaja or Maharani for a while! Dress in traditional outfits such as ‘Poshaks’ with elaborative colourful designs, patterns and sequences adorned with elegant jewellery. Guests can then enjoy an evening meal at any of the themed restaurants to call out a royal celebration!


Celebrate a marriage in an imperial and majestic manner with the vows and verses preached by the holy man – an entire experience of an Indian marriage with the same enthusiasm, feeling and joy.

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Village Barli, Near Bijainagar District Ajmer, Pin Code 305634 Rajasthan, INDIA

+91-141-236 0717, +91-141-220 0770,