Jamtara Wilderness Camp, Pench

Situated in the Village of Jamtara, near Pench National Park, Jamtara Wilderness Camp is a 10 luxury tented property in the heart of rural Pench. Surrounded by tall Arjuna Trees and an ancient Banyan rooted on a dry riverbed, each tented room overlooks the forest which set the perfect background to this jungle experience.

Postal Address
Pench National Park,
Village Jamatra, District Chindwada,
Madhya Pradesh 480110


Each luxury tent is designed to feel light and open, allowing guests the optimum view of nature. With the option of rolling up the front panels of the tent, the guests can bring the outside in but still being in the privacy of their own rooms. Although, these are tented rooms, the bathroom has been made into a permanent structure for the comfort of the guests.

Mosquito netting will keep the bugs away, quilts and hot water bottles will keep the cold away.

The large king size beds keep you comfortable, hollywood twins are also offered and extra beds for kids or adults for families as and when required.  A Tea-Coffee maker  for a hot cuppa is always available in each tent.

Star Bed

For generations farmers have been sleeping out in their fields preserving their crops by shoeing away wildlife.  “Machaans” are set up in the middle of the farms so the farmer can keep a watch over his land. At Jamtara Wilderness Camp you can book a night under the stars, with majority of the revenue generated is given back to the farmer.

The Machaans are built high up on stilts accommodating a double 4 poster bed allowing for 2 people.  Each bed is fitted with mosquito netting, giving you the opportunity to view the fields for wildlife and the skies for constellations. You will be guided to your Machaan by your night guard, who will spend the night below for your convenience if anything is required.


The surrounding fields yield corn for one half of the season and sugar cane the other. Traditional farming methods are still used to harvest the crops, which is great fun to get involved with. The process of making ‘jaggery’ is a communal effort, and uses huge cooking pots (20 feet circumference).

Since 2014 Jamtara Wilderness Camp has been collating a Naturalist Observation Chart, noting down all animal sightings in the surrounding area to help with conservation and protection efforts in the region. Join in!

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Pench National Park, Village Jamatra, District Chindwada,, Madhya Pradesh 480110