Svatma, Tanjore

Located in Tanjavur, Tamil Nadu, Svatma is an eclectic heritage hotel that completely embraces the Tamil culture. The translation of Svatma is “one’s own soul” and the hotel’s vision perfectly compliments the name. Located in a cultural haven, the city of Tanjore, Svatma offers an enchanting, memorable experience

The owners have a deep-rooted knowledge about Tamilian culture. The ancient, South-Indian culture, revolves around Indian classical dance, spirituality, unique architecture and a mouth-watering cuisine. The key theme of this hotel is luxury that dabbles with culture, tradition and art in a beautiful home-like setting. The guests at Svatma are treated to an astounding cultural and gastronomic journey around the beautiful city of Tanjore. Simultaneously, they can try to find their spiritual selves through traditional vedic chants and artistic displays at the hotel.

The hotel is designed keeping special ethnic secrets in mind so that guests may indulge in cultural adventures and discover new wonders every day. Those guests who wish to explore certain aspects of Tamil culture, may opt for a “themed” stay. The themes revolve around classical music, chanting, cuisine, dance, temples, weaving or bronze casting. Others can simply use the hotel as a luxurious accommodation, while they discover the gorgeous sights of Tanjore.

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Akin to a bubbling household, every single spot in Svatma has a unique atmosphere and there are no standard rooms.  This is partly a 100 year old heritage hotel that has been tenderly restored to its original beauty, and partly a new building that has been crafted into a similar style.  The 38 rooms are comfortably sized and inspired by Tamilian architecture and materials. 7 of the luxurious suites with verandas are located in the heritage hotel, the rest of the rooms are part of the new building.

The spots in the hotel are unique, ranging from verandas, hallways and lounges to secluded areas for those who wish to retreat. The décor augments the traditional environment, comprising of polished floor boards, walls in creamy hues, wooden pillars and more. The guests can completely immerse themselves in Tamil culture, finding art and culture at unexpected locations in the hotel.


The hotel offers incredible Yoga and Meditation tutors who can guide guests within the Agrogyam – their Gym and Yoga Centre. The luxury spa Soukyam offers relaxation treatments, handled by an expert staff that are attuned to luxury travellers and their requirements.

Aharan restaurant is an all-day fine dining culinary experience, serving home-style vegetarian cooking from the expert chefs. All ingredients are organic. Coffee is a major part of South Indian culture that is emulated by Palaharam, a coffee and tiffin set-up in the veranda. Nila at the terrace is another restaurant where you can enjoy your meal under the stars. The meals are presented on moonlit nights, making for a memorable experience. The hotel serves only vegetarian food and also serves alcohol.


The hotel is centrally located and perched on a peaceful lane. There is church right opposite the hotel and the main streets of the city are a short walk away. Guests can visit the stunning temples of the city with an academic expert. They can also experience handloom weaving demonstrations and witness artist at work on the world-famous Tanjavur paintings. The hotel also offers culturally enriching classes to enlighten guests about the intricacies of the Tamil Culture.


  • By air to Trichy followed by a 1 hour road journey.By train to Tanjore.By road from Karaikudi (Chettinad), Trichy, Madurai, Rajakkad and Pondicherry).


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