Your Stay at Singinawa Jungle Lodge

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As you traverse through the gorgeous Kanha National Park, you find the Singinawa Jungle Lodge, very close to Mukki Gate. The sky is a heart-warming mix of orange and pink, and you feel an immediate connection with nature and the surrounding wildlife.

Upon arrival, you are given a Tiger Paw shaped cookie and fall in love with this little  detail. One aspect of the lodge that stands out is the splendid décor – transporting you to a rural, rustic setting. Gond art murals cover the wall, and the color palette is bright yet soft.

Set on 110 acres of grassland and forest, at the edge of Kanga National Park’s buffer zone, Singinawa Jungle Lodge is a prime spot to seep in what nature has to offer. You take in the pristine views of the bordering Tannaur River.

Every inch of the resort is picture perfect. The resort is an extension of the wilderness, adorned by Sal, Jamun and Muhua trees. You walk across the meandering pathways of the resort and breathe in the extraordinarily fresh air. You spot a langur and wave at it – he gives you a polite nod and leaps away.

While booking, you had a well-rounded choice of rooms – 12 cottages and two bungalows. You decide to go with a luxurious and secluded stone cottage that features a cozy fireplace. You admire the rustic interiors and read a wildlife book that has been placed in the room. You observe every detail, especially those that encourage sustainability – such as the utilization of copper water bottles instead of plastic.

Outside your room, there is an entire world to explore within the lodge. You pay a visit to the lodge’s butterfly habitat, asking the naturalist various questions which he answers with aplomb. Opting for an Al-Fresco experience, you decide to take your delicious meal under a giant Sal tree – licking your fingers after you are done.

Placed within the lodge, the Kanha Museum of Life and Art you discover new facets of Central India’s Gond and Baiga tribe – both of which are intricately connected with the wild. The museum houses a grand display of resplendent regional art and you see beautiful work by Gond artists such as Durga Bai and Jangarh Sing Shyam, and Baiga artists such as Mangla Bai. Every artist has immemorial stories to tell through their work.

You try the experiences inside and outside the lodge. Your options are between local tribal performances, visits to the nearby villages to learn about their customs, peaceful nature and birding walks with experiences naturalists, volunteering in a nearby village school, photography tours, bicycle tours and more. For today, you choose to walk within the lodge, admiring the flaura, fauna and indigenous art. You decide that tomorrow will be a day filled with activities and trips to the local village.

After a long and relaxing day, you retreat to your room that is equipped with luxurious amenities. As you sleep, you take a piece of wildlife with you, reminiscing about all the treasures that you discovered today at Singinawa Jungle Lodge.

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